Office attraction (228) March 2018


Spotlight on the tenant

Close your eyes, relax and feel at home. What can you see? Warm slippers, a comfy sofa, an absorbing book, a cup of mulled wine – as well as a snowstorm outside, where it’s bitterly cold.

Ewa Andrzejewska
CEE Region

On the look-out for opportunities

Why is 2018 set to be an exciting year? Árpád Török, the CEO of TriGranit, explains.

Regional markets

Adding value in Poland

Why TriGranit sees great promise in the country’s secondary cities.

Investment & finance

Remodelled for changing times

Savills has recently been restructuring its Polish operations, with the aim of providing clients with a new, comprehensive service focused on the investment market. Why are these changes necessary, what is their scope and how will the company operate after their implementation? Tomasz Buras, Savills Poland’s managing director and head of the investment department, and Kamil Kowa, a board member and head of corporate finance and valuation, tell us all about this and the state of the property market in Poland.


Agent of change

He’s not afraid of the challenges in Warsaw’s Służewiec office district. He’s been paying close attention to the impressive growth in cities in the south of the country. And he’s advising international funds on all of this... Daniel Czarnecki, the new director of the office department for landlord representation at Savills, gives us his overview of the state of the Polish office market.

Ewa Andrzejewska

A Decade of Poleczki Park

Poleczki Park, UBM’s flagship office complex in Poland, has reached a milestone in its history. The company is planning to develop one last office building and then find a buyer for the entire seven-building complex.

Rafał Ostrowski
Life-work balance

Park life

Business parks in Warsaw are becoming ever more popular. Although office space is being built almost everywhere in the city, it is still mainly in the city centre and CBD – but office complexes outside these zones have now moved onto the radar of a wide range of companies and governmental agencies. They can see all the advantages that locations outside the main business districts have over more prestigious addresses... and many tenants are actually looking to escape from such districts.

Anna Pakulniewicz

Tax me anyway

From January 1st 2018, commercial property owners have been required to pay an additional commercial property tax, amounting to 0.42 pct of the initial value of a building per year. This tax (also known as the minimum tax) can be deducted from CIT if the taxpayer pays CIT at an amount exceeding the minimum tax.

Justyna Bauta-Szostak
Interior design

Seeking new directions

The concept of what an office should be has been undergoing something of a revolution. What once seemed impossible or inappropriate is becoming the norm. Even having your own desk is no longer such an obvious requirement. To find out more about the cutting edge of office design, we spoke to Bartosz Trzop, an architect and the CEO of the Trzop Architects studio, who has contributed to many such unconventional office fit-outs.

Interior design

Nature in offices. Do we need biophilic design?

Architecture inspired by nature – this is not merely a trend but the present and future of office design. It stimulates the senses and has a positive effect on how people function. Office arrangements that embrace a biophilic approach help users to achieve an inner harmony and through connecting them with nature they also provide a sense of security and much higher comfort levels at work.

Human resources

Locale heroes

When it comes to choosing the location for an office project, the ‘three Ls’ rule is as true as it’s ever been. But a ‘good location’ has so far meant convenient public transport, uncongested roads and local services. But another factor has come into the equation: the availability of employees.

Tomasz Cudowski
Human resources

Building for the human factor

Office design and amenities can go a long way when it comes to retaining staff, argues Oskar Kasiński of HR Design Group.