Edition 5 (258) May 2021


Out with the old

Just a few years ago, a rather run-down car park next to one of the main train stations in downtown Warsaw remained stubbornly open, bucking the tides of history, fashion and technology. It was kept open by you-know-who and financed with you-know-who’s money.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

A secure future

Sebastian Michalkiewicz, the president of the management board of security providers Polski Holding Ochrony, reveals how the pandemic has impacted his sector – and how technology is transforming it

Small talk

Keeping people in the loop

Benoit Charles, the CEO of Apsys Poland, tells us how a retail developer and manager with French roots has in its quarter of a century of activity is very much a Polish operation

Small talk

Credit where credit’s due

As the investment market gets back into gear post-Covid, Dieter Knittel, the head of the CEE region of Pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank reveals which projects and sectors are the most likely to receive the blessing of real estate financing institutions in the near future

Stock market report

Optimism springs anew

The vaccination programme has also injected a welcome dose of optimism into the global stock exchanges. All the signs are that in the second quarter the western world is going to finally emerge from lockdown (at least for the time being) and economies will start making up for the losses of the last twelve months. The results publication season has also started and has revealed that for constructors the situation is at least fine and that the good times for developers should continue throughout this year


A walk in the (retail) park

With the advent of Covid-19, retail investment has slumped – but not all retail sectors are suffering equally

Alex Hayes
Office & mixed-use development

Service with a post-pandemic smile

Has the pandemic dealt a blow to the BSS, which before the outbreak was booming in the CEE region? Or will it emerge from it stronger, as it did in past crises? Quite possibly. and the switch to home office could – paradoxically – give it a further boost

Nathan North
Office standards

The smart money

Energy efficiency and fitting out buildings to meet the latest health and safety requirements are set to be the most important factors shaping the development of intelligent buildings over the next few years, according to a report by Siemens Financial Services. The pandemic and the way it is transforming working practices represent a serious challenge to architects, investors and commercial building managers

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Workplace solutions

The shape of space to come

The pandemic has plunged the coworking sector into a state of some distress – and a number of smaller market players are now even finding it difficult to keep afloat. How will such space be able to attract companies in the new post-pandemic reality? And what form will the flexible office take going into the future?

Dominika Kowalska and Aleksander Szybilski of Cushman & Wakefield
Warehouse & industrial

In all shapes and sizes

It’s often said that warehouses look like big shoeboxes. However, even if many of these buildings are still huge square blocks, the way they are now being built and the systems used in them would make your jaw drop

Rafał Ostrowski

Certified success

Eco-certificates have yet to catch on for residential buildings in Poland, where green apartments represent just a few percent of all certified buildings. But maybe a revolution is on the cards…

Magdalena Rachwald

Restoring the railway age

At a cost of PLN 2 bln, a programme is currently underway to renovate 200 train stations across Poland. Over half of these are listed as historic buildings, which means that not only will PKP be working with architectural studios, but the work will also need the approval of conservation bodies

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

Happy days are here again?

For those who have been gloomy about the prospects for the real estate market, Eurobuild’s 7th Invested Interest – Investment Market Conference must have come as a welcome tonic. It was almost as though we could already breathe in the post-pandemic reality

Rafał Ostrowski

Man and machine

In the first two months of the year, Poland had the lowest unemployment rate in the EU, according to Eurostat’s latest figures. On the one hand, that’s really good news; but on the other, it’s a bit of a worry for the future

Rafał Ostrowski