Edition 1 (187) January 2014


Nothing is impossible

Business is like sport – it’s based on rivalry. If you want to win, you need to get involved, believes Eugene Golub, the founder of US developer Golub & Company and the winner of the Eurobuild CEE Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also been an avid golfer and a keen skier for 50 years. This reminds me of my first (and hopefully last) skiing injury.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Retail & leisure

The sweet smell of success

Sephora currently has 92 stores in Poland. Will any be added to this total in 2014?

Aneta Cichla

Focusing on Warsaw

POLAND Israeli developer Okam, which has been on the Polish market since 2004, is stepping up its activity with the announcement that it is to invest EUR 20 mln in equity on the Warsaw market.

Alex Hayes
Eurobuild Awards

This sporting life

Eugene Golub is the founder and chairman of the board of Golub & Company, the first US developer to build projects in the CEE region. How did one of the individuals who played such a significant role in shaping the local real estate sector that we know today start out on his career?

Nathan North
Eurobuild Awards

Storming ahead of the field

Two hundred and one jury members, 730 guests, 70 tables and PLN 70,430 raised for charity – these are the figures from the fourth Eurobuild Awards gala 2013. as usual, the Eurobuild Awards was aimed at select the best companies and projects developed over the year. A total of 32 prizes were awarded with the winners chosen, depending on the category, by tenants’ votes, by a jury of selected experts or by the audience gathered at the event

Zuzanna Wiak
Eurobuild Awards

Perfect moment

The fourth Eurobuild Awards ceremony is now behind us. This year the jury awarded prizes in 24 categories. We look back to when the winners took to the stage, and reflect on a December evening filled with celebration

Eurobuild Awards

Tenants appreciate quality

The ideal building has a good location and low rents. The Eurobuild Awards ceremony in December was not only an opportunity to listen to tenants’ views, but also revealed which properties in their eyes were the best over 2013

Rafał Ostrowski

A sincere thank you

He does not avoid problems. He likes to talk and he is an able facility manager. This is Grzegorz Czekaj, the long-term director of Galeria Echo in Kielce representing the Echo Property Management company. At the Eurobuild Awards 2013 he was voted the shopping centre manager of the year in Poland

Aneta Cichla

Competence counts

Piotr Przyżycki, a junior facility manager in the property management department at Cushman & Wakefield, has been chosen as the best office facility manager in Poland by the tenants of Katowice Business Point, scoring the highest out of the managers of all the 55 facilities that were evaluated

Aneta Cichla
Stock market report

Little Christmas cheer on the WSE

Santa Claus did not come down the chimney of the Warsaw Stock Exchange this Christmas. Instead The last few weeks of the year were marked by declining prices. This came as a surprise, considering that developed markets have been booming while the economy is clearly bouncing back, heightening expectations for 2014

Retail & leisure

Four legs good

Dominant local players, well-developed retail chains but on a small scale – this is the CEE pet shop tenant market in a nutshell. But in Poland A new player has now entered the fray that could just liven the segment up a little

Aneta Cichla, Alex Hayes

Creating a better place

The Bałtyk office building in Poznań is the first Polish and the first CEE design by MVRDV. The 25,000 sqm project is to be developed in the heart of the city by investors Piotr Voelkel and Garvest Real Estate. But the world-renowned architectural studio from the Netherlands has also been responsible for many other designs that have received international acclaim. Nathalie de Vries, the co-founder and co-owner of MVRDV, spoke to us about the key to the team’s success and its hopes after entering our part of the world

Rafał Ostrowski

Gift from nature

The city of Poznań with the KuiperCompagnons architectural studio, DHV and SwedeCenter have established an initiative under the name of ‘Partnership for the Warta River‘ [‘Partnerstwo na rzecz Warty’], under which a comprehensive plan for developing the area along the Warta river is now being drawn up. For the implementation of the project, Dutch studio KuiperCompagnons has applied on behalf of all the partners to the Dutch government for a subsidy from its ‘Partners for Water’ programme. The project involves restoring the stretch of the river that flows through the city’s Chwaliszewo district

Zuzanna Wiak

Optimism on the rise

In the interesting times we live in, when there is growing investment activity but the economy is still seemingly dormant, the sector gathered for the 19th time for our annual real estate conference. The prevailing view was that the worst is now behind us and from now onwards growth is going to pick up speed


Giving with one hand...

Among the press releases that we are regularly sent are those informing us about the issuing of building permits. Hurrah! We now have this crucial document, we can start building. And the sooner we start, the sooner we can finish, lease and sell – exult the developers. But just wait a minute – I always think to myself – not so fast. After all, something could always happen...

Zuzanna Wiak