Edition 5 (278) May 2023


Just pray the brakes don’t fail

Has the cycling season started yet? If so, just like I did, have you made a false start to it? Spring this year seems strangely to be in no hurry to make an appearance, because May is now approaching and I still can’t swap my four-wheels for two – well, at least not on a more permanent basis 

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

A time for trust

Antonio Pomes, the head of asset management, Golden Star Estate, tells about the company's ten-year-old golden hen, Konstruktorska Business Centre in Warsaw, and why it's still attracting major leases

Small talk

Hitting the ground running

Magdalena Kowalewska has recently switched from the COO of CPI Poland to the same position at LCP Properties Poland. She tells us how it feels to take the helm as retail parks go from strength to strength

Small talk

Making a decent micro-living

Renata Kusznierska, the Poland regional operations director of Youniq, tells us how she is leading her company as the PRS and student dorm sectors finally take off

Stock market report

A spring in investors’ steps

The feeling that inflation has peaked and that the financial banking crisis is now behind us has encouraged share investors to buy. Furthermore, the mood among Polish constructors and developers has been good – for the former, this has been due to the sector’s good prospects, while for the latter it is because of the revival of the mortgage market and governmental measures to support credit-based home purchases

Office & mixed-use development

Minding the gap

A supply gap has been looming over the Warsaw office market for some time. Fewer buildings are being developed, so less space is being added to the stock. Tenants are therefore formulating new strategies, while developers are reassessing the risks


Our resilient supply chains

Paweł Sapek, the senior vice-president and regional head for Central Europe of Prologis, in an exclusive interview discusses all the issues currently facing the company and the warehouse sector as a whole as they both navigate the current uncertain economic situation and enter a new phase

Nathan North

The light in the window

For the last few years, the residential market in Poland has been rather unpredictable, as it has regularly been hit by a series of setbacks. Finally, it seems that developers have made it into calmer waters

Julia Cudowska
Country focus

Eye on the Baltic

The real estate markets of the three Baltic states have taken a hit due to the impact of the war in Ukraine and inflation, but they still offer huge investor potential

Alex Hayes
Project showcase

The submarine plant resurfaces

On the one side stands the European Solidarity Centre, and on the other the Museum of the Second World War. In the middle is a factory where in the 1930s parts for German submarines were built. Now, on an open site and elevated by several metres, hotel suites with a restaurant and event area have just opened

Magda Rachwald

Wooden it be nice?

Office and service buildings made out of wood are not the most popular form of development in Poland – in fact, they’ve never really taken off at all. A number of such projects have reached the contractor tendering stage, only then to disappear without trace, while others have been abandoned even earlier. However, a project has now emerged that raises hopes that this technique will finally take root

Julia Cudowska

A time for those in the know

Some say that when the investment risk increases, so do the opportunities. But while that is possibly true, we are now seeing less investment in local real estate. This situation is unlikely to change until investors regain their confidence in the market, or the opportunities arise to give them added momentum

Rafał Ostrowski

The whole world in the boot of a car

Not so long ago, I discovered a new ancestor. He had a young, smooth but not very friendly face, as can be seen from the board it was painted on together with a romantic landscape by – as I was told – a restorer

Magda Rachwald