Flex in the city (238) March 2019


Our Flexible friend – the office

The Polish office market is continuing to blossom – and has been showing no signs of wilting. The experts believe that a slowdown is not yet on the cards, at least for the time being.

Aneta Cichla

Entering the flexible space race

The European market for flexible offices including co-working, hybrid and serviced office space will grow at a rate of 30 pct per year, according to the ‘Disruption or Distraction’ report by JLL.


Full speed ahead

Despite signs of a slowdown across Western Europe, Tomasz Czuba, the head of office leasing at JLL Poland, sees no cause for concern just yet on the Polish office market.

Alex Hayes Interviewer
Workplace solutions

Not just re-arranging the furniture

The Polish office design market has recently been going from strength to strength. Its growth and still considerable potential for more expansion are attracting legions of new players. However, the quality of its services does not always correspond to how much they cost. Therefore attempts are now being made to systematise market practice as well as to establish new standards for office interior design.

Interior design

The interior world of employer branding

Research shows that the way an office looks is the third most important factor in whether a candidate takes up a job offer or if an existing employee decides to stay with any given company. According to The Design Group, interior design has, as a result, become a vital HR tool in the struggle to recruit and keep hold of the best personnel.

Workplace solutions

Tailor-made offices

Design offices for large, corporate organisations face some real challenges these days. ( The contemporary office is not just functionally divided work space, but has also become a part of the DNA of an organisation shaping its image and communicating with both current and future employees, claims Trzop Architekci.

Workplace solutions

The future of Open space

Today office space is defined by activity based work and by the concept of flexible space, according to Zbigniew Kostrzewa of In Design.

Market review

The greater the challenge the more the fun

Avestus Real Estate has completed several office projects in Poland – all of them in regional cities. The company is now planning more development, both in the cities where it is already present as well as in new markets. We spoke to its leasing director Marta Wybrańska and Poland director Mariusz Frąckiewicz about the office markets in secondary cities and the company’s plans for the future.

Interviewer Anna Pakulniewicz

Keeping it in the family

“We don’t have any complexes when we compare ourselves to larger corporations that manage construction projects. Our undoubted advantages are our deep knowledge of the market and that our decision-making process is streamlined. We are probably the largest family technical consultancy services company in Poland, providing comprehensive supervision of the entire investment process,” says Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński, a board member of APP-Projekt.


The only way is APP

Since it was founded in 2005, Polish engineering firm APP-Projekt has played a significant role in several hundred construction projects across Poland.


Wola Retro – where history meets modernity

The Wola Retro office building in Warsaw, an investment by LC Corp, is set to become a unique addition to the Polish office map. This distinctive building was originally constructed in the 1930s – and so the new complex will successfully combine modernity with a respect for the historic architecture of the city.


Mega-problematic legislation

Give your property away, cover the costs for this and forget about any profits you might have expected to make from it – this is what the 2010 act on supporting telecommunications services and networks expected commercial property owners to swallow. Will the latest amendments to it improve the situation?

Tomasz Cudowski