Edition 7 (270) July 2022


Can you hear the sirens wail?

We would like to dedicate this summer edition of ‘Eurobuild’ just to you, to make everything seem sunny and optimistic. Starting with myself, this year my vacation turned out to be more of a working holiday, as I found myself in beautiful Vilnius with laptop and phone in hand; but the evenings and sometimes even the afternoons, however, still belonged to me

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Training the assertiveness muscle

Paulina Smaszcz, well-known in Poland for her career in the media, has now taken on the challenge of head of marketing and PR at JLL Poland. She tells us all about the changes that are afoot at the consultancy and how her varied experience is set to contribute to this

Small talk

Four wheels bad, two wheels good

Walter Oostelbos, the deputy head of mission of the Netherlands Embassy in Poland, was the patron and guest of honour on Eurobuild’s ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride around Warsaw and discussion forum in June. Here, he speaks to us about what we are getting right when it comes to our cycling infrastructure, as well as what we really need to change

Small talk

Data is crucial

ESG strategy specialists Westbridge Advisory International has just opened its Polish office. Why here and why now for the company –and why digitisation is so very important for the whole process...

Stock market report

Recession on the cards?

Since the beginning of the year, the Warsaw indexes for the broader market have lost around 25 pct and there’s no sign on the horizon that the bad news afflicting the stock exchange is going to be replaced with positive signals any time soon. Rising inflation is pushing interest rates up, as more and more economists and investors speak openly of their fears that there could be a recession


Moving into new digs

Xior’s takeover of Basecamp hit the real estate headlines recently, but what does it really mean for student accommodation in Poland?

Alex Hayes

The magic of values

The president of the board of 7R, Tomasz Lubowiecki, in an exclusive interview reveals what happened backstage of recent portfolio transactions and describes of the new realities of the warehouse market, while announcing that the company’s current portfolio will soon be fully zero-emission and triple its current size

Tomasz Cudowski
Office & mixed-use development

Airport cities – all set for take-off?

In May, on a site situated directly opposite Lech Wałęsa Airport, Alpha, the first office building of Airport City Gdańsk, was completed. While the building, which has 8,580 sqm of leasable space, is not in itself huge, it constitutes the first stage of an ambitious and much larger city-forming project

Nathan North

The price of going green

Residential developers are currently able to sell entire portfolios despite the rise in construction costs and housing prices. So it would seem there’s no reason to take on the extra costs of sustainable construction. Will the booming market slow the adoption of green practices?

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
The Expert Eye

Each square metre worth its weight in gold

In early autumn last year, inflation started to grow. At the same time credit, which had until then been at its very cheapest, suddenly became expensive, the cost of building materials surged, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine put extra pressure on inflation. Interest rates in Poland have been raised nine times since October 2021. What does all this mean for the residential market and what lies ahead?

Karolina Furmańska and Mira Kantor-Pikus of Cushman & Wakefield

Pedalling into the future

There was supposed to be a deluge with thunder and lightning. But only a couple of drops fell – and that was before our 6th Suits on Bikes ride through the streets of Warsaw. Although a few thousand buckets did eventually come down once we had finished cycling, the weather was clearly on the side of ‘Eurobuild’ and those taking part and, in spite of all the global challenges, had given us a window to help us promote sustainable transport

Magdalena Rachwald

On the greens and the courts – with umbrellas

You could sum up May 27th as the perfect day for indoor tennis, but one that some thought ideal for playing golf. There was also a little drizzle early on at the after-party. But it would have taken a lot more than a spot of rain to spoil any of the fun

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

When the stakes are higher than the rents

On June 2nd, some of the most influential warehousing players got together at the Śląska Prohibicja restaurant in Katowice to talk about the challenges facing the sector


Oh, the joys of summer

It’s true that both the weather and inflation are heating things up, but at least there’s peace in Europe, Polish politicians don’t go for bike rides after boozing, women’s reproductive rights are safeguarded, and no one has been discriminated against for their sexual orientation for a long time. Right? But before I really get going and allow this list to grow (and there are a lot of issues forming a nice disorderly queue), let’s focus on the most pressing, hot topic of the day

Julia Cudowska