Edition 1 (255) January 2021


Off-piste or piste-off?

So how are you doing after the Christmas holidays? Are you all rested? Are your stomachs feeling full? Have you been vaccinated? And are you ready to face the new challenges that 2021 is certain to bring?

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Adjusting to that sliding doors moment

In the first of this month's Small Talk chats, we talk to Andrey Klymenko, the managing director of Reynaers Aluminium Polska.

Small talk

Swimming through choppy waters

In the second of our Small Talk chats, we speak with Damian Kapitan, the CEO of Budimex Nieruchomości, about (among other things), the residential developer's search for a buyer

Small talk

Looking to the future

This month’s third Small Talk chat is with Bartłomiej Hofman, the managing director of P3 Logistic Parks in Poland, about its latest land acquisitions and whether the warehousing boom is going to go on forever

Small talk

Top of the TriCity

In the last Small Talk of this issue, we chat with Mikołaj Konopka, the CEO of Euro Styl, part of Dom Development group, about how the company is contributing to the transformation of Gdańsk – as well as the places he likes to visit in the city

Stock market report

Ending the year in good cheer

Over the final weeks of the last year, the global stock exchanges turned into one big bull market, as investors became convinced that economies are set to quickly get back on track towards rapid growth


The road from heartbreak hotel

Offices are still chugging along, retail has had to adapt but seems to be ok, while other segments, such as logistics, PRS and student housing, have actually been exceeding all expectations – but if there’s one real estate sector for which the pandemic has seemed to be an unending nightmare, it has to be hospitality

Nathan North

Outside expertise

In mid-November, for the first time in history, someone from outside the sector took the helm of an international real estate consultancy in Poland. In this exclusive interview with Mateusz Bonca, the new CEO of JLL in Poland, among other topics we find out what can be learnt from other industries to help us get through these turbulent times

Nathan North
Office & mixed-use development

Not another day at the office

The return to working in the office has been tepid across the CEE region. What recovery there has been has largely been killed off by the spike in cases in Covid-19. Now almost everyone is waiting for the rollout of the vaccine

Alex Hayes
Retail & leisure

The robots that refuse to haggle

After the Sunday trading ban, the ‘C’-word must have sounded like a death knell to retailers and restaurateurs – a double-whammy of woe for both sectors. However, chains and malls have been finding creative ways to survive – and technology has provided a crucial lifeline

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Warehouse & industrial

Ready for the Christmas sack race

Over the festive period we saw a record number of online purchases. What did this mean for both the tenants and managers of logistics parks?

Rafał Ostrowski

Unforeign bodies

New legislation related to foreign direct investment (FDI) has recently been introduced in Poland with the goal of protecting domestic businesses from hostile takeovers* . The amended Act on the Control of Certain Investments came into force on July 24th 2020 and sets out rules and procedures for the control of certain transactions that would result in the acquisition of significant holdings or dominant positions in Polish entities operating in certain strategic sectors.

Jakub Pietrasik, a senior associate at Wolf Theiss

Facing down the big ‘C’

“We’ve begun the next quarter-century in the history of the most important conference in our country’s real estate market," declared Tomasz Cudowski, the editor in chief of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine, as he opened the 26th meeting of the annual event. However, for the first time it was held in somewhat unusual circumstances – the panellists, who numbered around 30 market experts, as well as the 2,000+ other people taking part, were all sat in front of their computer screens rather than in a hotel conference room

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

Shop till you drop

Just recently, I ran out of bread. This turned out to be quite a big problem, because unfortunately it was during the hours reserved for the elderly to do their shopping and we had to give the children their second breakfast before they could get back to their online lessons

Alex Hayes